About Us

When we started planning Thirst.Scot we asked ourselves what we could bring to an already thriving market. There are blogs on every type of drink you could imagine, from people who wish to share their love of cocktails to what’s happening in the world of smoothies and so-called super juices. Quite frankly the market seemed full.

Where could people go though if they wanted it all in one place? If they wanted to carefully compare and contrast breweries and distilleries without opening endless tabs? These and many other questions filled our heads before it all became perfectly clear – there isn’t a place like that. A blog which explores the world of drink AS A WHOLE.

It’s our intent then to do just that. To provide you with an endlessly growing resource which is both fun and informative. We’ll be writing about coffee roasters; interviewing business owners and distillers; examining the methods, values and histories which have brought us so many different ways to quench a thirst. We may even dispel a few myths.

It’ll be a journey of discovery for us too so jump on board and let’s explore the eclectic world of drink…





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