For The Love Of Apples

Roughly half of the apples sold in Britain are originally from New Zealand, namely the braeburn and gala varieties, while thousands more indigenous to our own backyard simply don’t get recognition. Whether this is down to the big retailers’ preference for a consistently identical product or our own increasingly sweet tooth is debatable. More likely it’s a mixture of the two. The fact though is that little of what this country’s garden and orchards have to offer is finding its way onto the shelf.

We’d like to draw your attention then to My Apple Juice, a juicing service run by Richard Paget in Wiltshire. “Avoid the mush, mess and methane that rotting apples become” they say “and enjoy the taste of your fruit trees throughout the year”. If you’ve been growing your own apples all you have to do is bring them to the group’s site at Warren Farm when they’re ripe. They accept any quantity no matter how large. Once your fruit has arrived they wash it and check the load for any bad apples. See what we did there? Anyway…

Using modern stainless steel equipment the apples are reduced to a fine pulp before having their juice squeezed out by a water-powered press. They make sure not to mix your batch up with someone else’s so you only get your own juice back. Once it has been collected the juice is divided between 75cl glass bottles which are secured with tamper-proof caps. They then pasteurise it, resulting in a drink which can be stored for up to 18 months. Finally they add a label with whichever heading you would like. Any heading? Well you’d have to ask them to be honest but we’re guessing they draw a line somewhere.

The process takes 3-5 days to complete depending on the size of your order and costs £2 per bottle. Not bad. Just make sure to register your interest here first:

In 2014 the website This Is Wiltshire reported that that year alone My Apple Juice “prevented 35 tonnes of apples going to waste”. Richard Paget told them how his parents had grown cider apples during his youth in Somerset and that it saddened him to realise how many apples were being wasted across Britain. It took the encouragement of his 5-year-old daughter to convince him to start My Apple Juice. There’s always room for more so maybe we’ll be seeing other apple juicing services pop up in the future.

By the sound of things we need them.

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